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Bruno Delmaestro's Skating Schools opened in 1985 and has been in operation for 29 years.  We specialize in providing proper skating technique, correct technique with and without the puck and on ice conditioning.  We service our customers by remaining a small, personalized hockey school and in so doing we have been able to provide players with a continuing, consistent level of teaching over the years.  We maintain a small coach to player ratio.  We train hockey players ranging from Novice to professional level.

Bruno comes with an exceptional background having been a hockey player and an international level competitive figure skater.  He is a three time Italian National Figure Skating Champion who competed at the world level.  He was trained by two of the most respected figure skating coaches in the world, Carlo Fassi and Edy Rada.

Bruno has become well known for his teaching ability in both hockey and figure skating.  He has trained all levels of hockey players, including some playing university hockey and some drafted in the N.H.L.  In figure skating he has taken students to Canadian Provincials, Westerns, Nationals and International competitive levels. Bruno has achieved Level 3 of Canada's National Coaching Certification Program (N.C.C.P.) and is working to complete Level 4.

In addition to teaching students the most important skill in hockey, Skating. Our school stresses the other features of the game, and physical conditioning.

All programs are designed and instructed by Bruno and all his assistants are experienced graduates of our school.


"If you are going to play hockey

you have to know how to skate"

Bruno Delmaestro            

Bruno firmly believes this and teaches players how to apply these skating skills to the game of hockey.

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